Zane Bien

Senior Principal UI Tech Developer @ Cloud Imperium Games
United States

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Zane Bien

I am a user-interface designer, artist, and developer currently working in the gaming industry, with an interest in building AR applications and experiences.

From a very young age, I've always held a keen interest in forward-thinking design and digital experiences. It's with this interest that over time, I've crafted a unique aesthetic in my work as a designer, as well as self-taught a wide-ranging skillset which has afforded me a strong technical foundation necessary to help implement my vision. Professionally, I am involved in all facets of the development process — from high-level planning to engineering features to completion.

I'm currently working as the Global UI Creative Director at Cloud Imperium Games, where we are developing the ground-breaking PC space-sim, Star Citizen — a game which presents a very unique and difficult set of challenges from a user-interface standpoint, all of which have been rewarding to work through to help facilitate the most immersive game-world imaginable.


SC mobiglas Original mobiGlas UI concepts for Star Citizen. The mobiGlas is a holographically projected player interface, sitting diegetically within the game world environment. MobiGlas Star Citizen / 2016 SC Holotable Original holotable concept for Star Citizen. The holotable is an interface that enables players to customize their ship loadouts. Holotable Star Citizen / 2016 SC Starmap Original concepts for the starmap / navmap UI in Star Citizen. Starmap / Navmap Star Citizen / 2016 SC Merlin HUD UI / HUD for the P-52 Merlin in Star Citizen. P-52 Merlin HUD / UI Star Citizen / 2015 SC Cargo Box Original UI concepts for the cargo manifest interface in Star Citizen. Cargo Manifest Star Citizen / 2015 SC Aurora HUD HUD / UI concept for the RSI Aurora in Star Citizen. RSI Aurora HUD / UI Star Citizen / 2014 Combat Visor Interface (CVI) HUD / UI concept for the Anvil Hornet / Combat Visor Interface in Star Citizen. Combat Visor Interface (CVI) Star Citizen / 2014 SC Launcher Original design for the patcher / launcher UI for Star Citizen. SC Launcher / Patcher Star Citizen / 2013 RSI Website Redesign of Roberts Space Industries (RSI) website. RSI is the community portal for Star Citizen. RSI Website Overhaul Star Citizen / 2013 Ship Stat Viewer Test Quick test for an interactive web-based ship stat viewer for Star Citizen. Ship Stat Viewer Star Citizen / 2012 GC Website Landing page redesign for Galactic Conquest, a web-based space trading & combat game. Galactic Conquest Login Page Galactic Conquest / 2012 Portfolio 2011 Zane Bien 2011 portfolio design. Portfolio Design 2011 Personal / 2011 MWU Website design for Marvelous World University. MWU Website Marvelous World University / 2011 Rainbow Deluxe Website design for Rainbow Deluxe, a world-class luxury vacation rental in Maui, Hawaii. Rainbow Deluxe Website RainbowDeluxe / 2010 Portfolio 2010 Zane Bien 2010 portfolio design. Portfolio Design 2010 Personal / 2010 Segway of Hawaii Website design for a university project, an e-commerce website for a segway company in Hawaii. E-Commerce Project University ITM-354 / 2010 Advanced UI FUI A fantasy user-interface (FUI). AdvancedUI FUI Personal / 2009 Peake & Levoy Website Website design for Peake & Levoy, a commercial real-estate company based in Maui, Hawaii. Peak & Levoy Website Peak & Levoy / 2009 Invio Website design for a video streaming startup. Invio Website Invio / 2009 Shidler Brochure design for Shidler College of Business at the Universrity of Hawaii. Marketing Brochure Shidler College of Business / 2009 Ephex Website design for Ephex, a web-design agency. Ephex Website Ephex / 2009 Contact Tribute A tribute to the movie Contact, one of my all time favorite movies. Contact Tribute Personal / 2009 Homeworld Ordalla A personal matte painting depicting an advanced civilization residing on another planet. Homeworld Ordalla Personal / 2009 Tech Brushes v5 Photoshop 'tech brush' designs. Tech Brushes v5 Personal / 2008